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Now open at 304 S. Ashley, just south of Liberty Street in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Krazy Jim's Blimpy Burger proudly resumed operating one of the best burger joints in America on October 3, 2014. Special thanks to all of our generous supporters as we worked diligently to recreate the "quint-essential" Blimpy experience!

Serving the 6th generation of Blimpy Addicts, we still grind our own beef fresh from choice Western chuck. Then our friendly, personable staff throws the rounded balls of meat onto the grill, smashes them flat with a spatula and cooks your burger to crumbly perfection.

Whether you opt for a starter-sized double (we only make singles for kids) or you go right for the gut-busting quintuple, you will not find a more unique or tasty burger experience on the planet!

Thank you Indiegogo supporters!
- Rich & Chris

Check out our menu and then come on in -- you actually order your food in a classic cafeteria-style setting directly from the person doing the cooking; but be careful! There's a "right way" to order and a "wrong way" to order, so be sure to visit the ordering page for proper instructions!!

With a delicious variety of side items, there are over 2,147,483,648 possible Blimpy combinations... and, a few weeks after your visit when you start to get that peculiar itch in your belly, don't worry about a thing: that's just the secret ingredient that will bring you back time and time again - Blimpy Power!


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