The Back-Story

Some of you may wonder why a famous and popular hamburger stand, featured on multiple television shows and with regular lines extending around the block, would have to be relocated and find itself out of business for over 14 months. The truth of the matter is that while the current owner of Blimpyburger owned the business and equipment, the underlying real property was leased from the former owner.

 Under circumstances beyond anyone's control, in  late 2012 the University of Michigan made substantial offers to purchase all of the land and buildings on the east side of Division Street - including the former Blimpyburger property - for the purpose of building a new graduate student housing facility. So effective in September 2013, all the buildings on this block were sold to UM by the former owners and razed to make way for the new UM building. Blimpyburger received no money form the sale of the property and was in essence forced to relocate.

Several news stories detailing these events were published in local papers, and the Blimpy crew did its best to serve its customers until the latest possible date: eventually hosting a "Last Supper" in mid-August 2013, as the start of a fund-raising campaign to assist in locating and renovating a new home for the restaurant. But while that was a good start, it didn't stop the bulldozers, and the old location was demolished in September 2013.

With the old site destroyed, there were several options under consideration for the new location. However, as to be expected when dealing with real estate issues in Ann Arbor, there were many complications, challenges and delays. Blimpyburger started an Indiegogo fundraiser in late 2013, and many loyal customers chipped in (see the list on the right) to help with the expense of locating, renovating, and moving into a suitable new space.

Finally, in the Spring of 2014, negotiations and financing were in place to enable the acquisition of a restaurant facility at 304 S. Ashley in downtown Ann Arbor.  The crew then spent all summer working diligently to renovate the space and to re-create the look and feel of the original restaurant.  The grill and fryer were preserved and re-located, along with most of the classic Blimpy tables and stools from the old restaurant.

Finally, with great appreciation for the support and assistance from its customers, Blimpyburger was able to re-open on October 3, 2014 at its new location.  The new space is a bit larger, and the line now forms on the left side of the building and goes up a slight ramp to the back, where your burgers are once again cooked to order right in front of you.  Many of the original staff have returned, and the "quint-essential" experience has been restored... 

Whether you're an old friend or a new customer, we look forward to serving you at our new home.

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As you may know, there are some Facebook sites that feature social networking and commentary about  Blimpyburger. While we appreciate the interest and support, these Facebook pages are not produced, maintained or authorized to represent Blimpyburger. The new, official Blimpyburger Facebook site can be found at
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 classic photo of the "Last Supper" at the old restaurant

Podcast with AADL!
Listen as Rich describes the early days of the original Krazy Jim, and some of the local history and charm of Ann Arbor's favorite burger joint!

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